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Inflating your brand's

What we do

We work in the fields of
Web design, consulting
and business strategy.

Inflate believes in one goal – Breakthrough.
That could be in your approach, strategy, design, customers, sales or even all of them sometimes.

To simplify it- If you’re stuck in a dessert,
we’re not water, we’re Redbull.

It was a joy working with the Inflate team. The site was turned around in 2 weeks and I loved the professionalism, the speed and the energy.
Highly recommended.
Ankur Warikoo

Board Member and Co-founder Nearbuy.com (Groupon India)


Creative digital agency with
kick-ass tech and quirky approach.

We believe in making
a positive dent
in the world. One brand at a time.

Website Design

Are you a new age business-man who is still handing out his business cards? It’s time to step up and build your identity online.

Brand Strategy

Got yourself a basic website but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. From what to sell and whom to offer, let us do all the hard work for you.

Business Consulting

Got a good product but aren’t overburdened with orders already? Ah, you should be. Let us show you whom to sell and how to reach people who would die to have your product.

Sounds exciting?

Let's make your brand viral!

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    Business Consulting Website
    June 3, 2019

    Ankur Warikoo Gets A New Look!

    We created a minimal yet creative website design for India’s finest entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo and rebranded his blog converting it into a full-fledged website with access...
    • Strategy

      Business Strategy, Brand Consulting.

    • Design

      UI/UX Design

    • Client

      Ankur Warikoo

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    For-A-Cause Identity

    Guarded – Protecting India!

    Guarded was a not-for-profit project developed to help the citizens of India find their nearest Covid-19 test centre on a beautiful map quickly and get directions...
    • Strategy

      Web Design, Brand Development

    • Design

      UI, Map Integration, Corona Tracker

    • Client


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    E-Commerce Website

    All-In-One Shop for Apple Accessories

    Selling in 2020 has gotten difficult for people who were selling offline. But at the same time, the Internet has taken a boom and digital businesses are...
    • Strategy

      E-Commerce Website

    • Design

      Shop, Online Website

    • Client


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    Fashion Jewellery Web Design
    October 10, 2020

    Revolutionising the Fashion industry!

    Imagine a beautiful store with things you love at affordable prices, jewellery that blows your mind away! And that’s not, what if I also told you,...
    • Strategy

      Web Design

    • Design

      UI/UX Design

    • Client


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